Welcome to Sparkle Cleaning Services. 

About US


Sparkle Cleaning Services has 15 years experience in professional cleaning. We appreciate the customers who have put their trust in us. It's a relationship that we value. Over the years, we’ve learned from our customers how best to adapt to the wide range of needs, wishes and expectations. At Sparkle Cleaning Services we guarantee customer satisfaction. If we missed something or a customer is unhappy with anything we will come back and fix it. "Our Promise"

Each home is different with a wide range of needs and expectations so we put together a worksheet for each customers home. This worksheet includes specific details and instructions with your preferences and requests. We encourage our clients to leave additional notes on the day of your cleaning if you wish. No one knows your home like you do. This ensures that we address any important areas you many notice before your cleaning day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sparkle Cleaning Services insured?

Absolutely, Sparkle Cleaning Services is fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

How and when do I make payment for cleaning?

We’re pretty flexible on payment. We accept Cash, Check or Credit Card.

Will I always have the same person as my cleaner?
That is our preference. We hope its yours too. We feel that your home deserves the personal touch that can best be delivered by the same great house cleaner who develops a familiarity and personal connection with you and your home.

Will I need to be home while you do the cleaning?
Its totally up to you. Most clients are at work or prefer to take some time off for themselves while we put things in order on the home front. You can let us know what you prefer.

Are you comfortable with pets?
We love pets! Let us know if your pets need any special attention when it comes to cleaning around them.